Order of Descendants Colonials Physicians and Chirugeons

Welcome & Meetings

Your 2015-2018 Board wishes to express their gratitude to the membership for its continuing support and encouragement. The goals of this administration are an increase in membership, a web site to assist in gathering new members, and a published every-member Roster.

Appreciation is extended to David Grinnell, our Registrar, for his tireless efforts in making the Roster a reality. Past Governor General Michael Phelps was very instrumental in creating a working document as the first step to this reality. It is the hope of this officer that as we move into the future, each successive administration will update and continue with this effort.

We would like to encourage members to attend our annual meeting in Washington, DC each April during “Heritage Week.” Our meeting is followed by a reception, which allows our members time to get to know each other, reacquaint themselves with established contacts, and introduce prospective members to our ranks. Guests are always welcome!

As with all lineage societies, our goal is to honor our ancestors and their service. We are unique. We have a very small group of ancestors who fill the criteria necessary for membership, however, memorializing those lives well lived is our mission.


Jane Routt Power

President General




The next meeting of the Order will be in Washington, DC at the University Club on April 15, 2017.  After the annual meeting, members, guests and prospective members are welcome to attend a Wine and Cheese Reception.