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The list that follows is taken from “Medical Men in the American Revolution 1775-1783:The Army Medical Bulletin Number 25” published at the Medical Field Service School, Carlisle Barracks, PA. and from “The Revolutionary Worthies of the Medical Staff” by Luther Foster Halsey, M.D. read before The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey, at Princeton, July 1, 1890. While these sources are deemed reliable, until an ancestor has been approved based on an actual application, the burden of proof remains on each applicant to prove the qualifying service.








Adams, Dr. Caleb Greenleaf, NY, Surgeon 2nd NH + 8th Continental Reg.

Adams, Dr. David, CT 4th CT Reg. 1777-1781

Adams, Dr. Henry, MA Surgeon, 6th MA Reg. 1781-1782

Adams, Dr. Samuel, MA Surgeon, Fellow’s MA Reg, 18th Cont. Reg, 3d Cont. Artillery

Adams, Dr. William, NY Surgeon Malcolm’s Reg, Graham’s Reg., Proctor’s Artillery

Ahl, Dr. Peter, MD Surgeon

Aldenbruch, Daniel, PA Surgeon

Alexander, Dr. Archibald, VA Surgeon, 10th VA Reg. 1777-1778

Alexander, Dr. George, VA Surgeon Grayson’s Continental Reg. 1777-1779

Alexander, Dr. Nathaniel, SC Surgeon SC Regiment, 1778-1782

Allison, Dr. Benjamin, PA Surgeon, 1st PA Reg. 1776-1777

Amands, Dr. Ambrose, VA Surgeon, Navy

Ames, Dr. Nathaniel, MA Surgeon, Militia 1776

Ames, Dr. Seth, MA Surgeon

Annin, Dr. William, MD Surgeon, 1778

Applewhaite, Dr. John Surgeon, Navy

Armstrong, Dr. James, NY Surgeon, Hospital

Arnold, Dr. Jonathan, RI Surgeon, Hospital

Ashley, Dr. Martin, NH Surgeon, Bellow’s NH Reg. 1777

Aspinwall, Dr. William, MA Surgeon, Roxbury Hospital, 1775

Atwater, Dr. David, CT Surgeon

Averill, Dr. Jonathan, Surgeon, Brig. ‘Resistance’

Avert, Dr. J., NJ Surgeon

Bagnall, Dr. Anthony Jamestowne 1608

Baird, Dr. Absalom, PA Surgeon, Baldwin’s Artillery Artificer Reg. 1780

Baldwin, Dr. Cornelius, NJ Surgeon, 8th VA Continental Reg. 1777-1778

Balker, Dr. Abner, NH Ball, Dr. Silas, MA Surgeon

Ball, Dr. Silas, MA Surgeon

Barber, Dr. Thomas, NJ Surgeon

Bard, Dr. Samuel, NY Examining Surgeon

Barker, Dr. Abner, NH Surgeon, Reed’s & Bedel’s NH Reg. 1775-1777

Barnes, Dr. Joseph, NH Surgeon, Gillman’s NH Reg. 1776

Barnett, Dr. Artox, VA Surgeon, Navy

Barnett, Dr. Oliver, NJ Surgeon

Barnett, Dr. William, NH Surgeon, 1st NH 1775 + Hospital Surgeon, 1778-1782

Barnum.Dr. Samuel, NY Surgeon, Crane’s Militia Reg.

Barrett, Dr. Jeremiah, CT Surgeon

Bartlett, Dr. Daniel, MA Surgeon 1780-1781

Bartlett, Dr. John, RI Surgeon, RI State Troops; Physician & Surgeon, Gen. Hosp.

Bartlett, Dr. John Hospital Dept, Eastern Dept.

Bartlett, Dr. Josiah, NH signed Declaration of Independence

Bartlett, Dr. Philip, VA Surgeon

Barry, Dr. Michael, VA Surgeon

Baylies, Dr. William, MA Surgeon

Beardsley, Dr. Ebenezer, CT Surgeon, 2nd & 6th CT Reg. 1776-1778

Beardsley, Dr. Gershom, CT

Ball, Dr. Silas, MA Surgeon

Beatty, Dr. John, PA Surgeon & Colonel

Beatty, Dr. Readings, PA Surgeon, 11th PA Reg. + 4th PA Cont. Artillery 1780-1783

Beaumont, Dr. H., NJ Surgeon

Beecher, Dr. Elisha, PA Surgeon

Billings, Dr. Benjamin, MA Surgeon

Binney, Dr. Barnabas, MA  Physician & Surgeon, Hospital Dept, 1780-1783

Bird, Dr. Jonathan, CT Surgeon, CT Militias, 1776-1777

Bird, Dr. Seth, CT   Surgeon & Medical Examiner

Blackwell, Dr. Robert, PA Surgeon, 1st PA Cont, Reg. 1777-1780

Bloomfield, Dr. Moses, NJ Hospital Surgeon 1777 & Physician & Surgeon 1780

Blyth, Dr. Joseph, NC Surgeon, 1st NC Reg. 1776; 4th NC Reg. 1782-1783

Bogart, Dr. Nicholas, RI   Surgeon

Bohune, Dr. Lawrence Jamestowne 1610

Bond, Dr. Hugh, NC   Surgeon

Bond, Dr. Nathaniel, MA Surgeon, Glover’s Reg. 1775, 14th MA Reg.1776, Hosp. Surg. 1777

Bowen, Dr. Isaac, RI Surgeon, 2nd RI Reg. 1776

Boyd, Dr. Hugh, NC Surgeon, 4th NC Reg. 1776

Boyd, Dr. John Surgeon, Schooner “General Putnam”

Boyd, Dr. Robert, PA Surgeon

Brevard, Dr. Ephraim, NC Surgeon, 1st NC Reg.

Brewer, Dr. James, MA   Surgeon

Brickett, Dr. James, MA Surgeon & Lt. Col.

Broadwater, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, Navy

Brodie, Ludovick, VA   Surgeon

Broguard, Dr. John, Surgeon, Corps of Foreign Volunteers of Due de Lauzun

Brook, Dr. Lawrence, VA Surgeon, VA State Navy

Brooke, Dr. John MA Surgeon on the ship “Bon Homme”

Brown, Dr. Daniel, VA Surgeon, 14th VA Reg. 1777

Brown, Dr. Ezekiel, MA Surgeon

Brown, Dr. James, MD Surgeon

Brown, Dr. John C., PA Surgeon, 9th PA Reg. 1776-1777

Brown, Dr. Joseph, NY Surgeon

Brown, Dr. Joseph, VA Surgeon

Brown, Dr. Joseph, PA Surgeon, 13th PA Reg. 1777-1778

Brown, Dr. Samuel, MA Surgeon, MA Militia

Browne, Dr. James, SC Chief Physician & Surgeon, Southern Dept. 1780-1782

Browne, Dr. William, VA Surgeon, Flying Camp 1776; Hospital Dept, 1777-1780

Brownson, Dr. Nathaniel, SC Surgeon

Bryant, Dr. William, NJ Surgeon

Buchanan, Dr. James, PA Surgeon

Buck, Dr. Henry, NY Surgeon, Dubois’ Reg, The Levies

Budd, Dr. Barnabas, NJ Surgeon

Budd, Dr. Bernard, NJ Surgeon

Budd, Dr. Daniel, NY Surgeon NY Militia, Van Schaick’s Reg. 1776

Budd, Dr. George, MD Surgeon, Ship “Defence”

Budd, Dr. John, SC Surgeon, 4th Artillery Reg.

Burk, Dr. James, VA Surgeon, Navy

Burnah, Dr. Nathan, MA Surgeon

Burnell, Dr. William, NJ Surgeon

Burnett, Dr. William, NJ Surgeon 1776; Physician & Surgeon 1777-1783

Burnett, Jr., Dr. William, NJ Hospital Surgeon

Burrett, Dr. Anthony, CT Surgeon

Bryant, Dr. William, NJ Surgeon

Cadwallader, Dr. Thomas, PA Surgeon

Campbell, Dr. George, NJ Hosp. Surgeon 1777

Campbell, Dr. Tasquas, NC Surgeon

Campfield, Dr. Jabez, NJ, Surgeon

Canfield, Dr. Jabez, CT Surgeon, Spencer’s Reg. + 2nd Cont. Dragoons, 1777-1783

Carrington, Dr. Elias, VA Examining Surgeon

Carter, Dr. Charles, NJ Surgeon, Morgan’s Rifle Corps. 1777

Carter, Dr. James, VA Hospital Surgeon

Carter, Dr. Thomas, VA Surgeon

Carver, Dr. Eleazer, MA Surgeon, Watertown Hospital

Cathcart, William, Surgeon, 4th Cont. Dragoons, 1777-1778

Catlin or Cather, Dr. Abel, CT Surgeon, 4th CT Reg. 1778

Chapin, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, Navy

Chaplin, Dr. Benjamin, VA Surgeon

Chase, Dr. Josiah, NH Surgeon, NH Militia, Stickney’s Reg. 1777

Cheever, Dr. Abiljah, MA Surgeon, Navy

Childs, Dr. Timothy, MA Surgeon, Patterson’s Reg. 1775

Christie, Dr. Thomas, VA Surgeon, 1st Cont. Artillery, 1778-1783

Church, Dr. Benjamin, MA Dir. Gen. & Physician-in-Chief, Rev. War Hospital Dept. 1775

Church, Dr. Samuel Surgeon, Hazen’s Canadian Reg. 1777

Clark, Dr. John, MA Examining Surgeon

Clark, Dr. Joseph, MA Surgeon

Claybourne, Master, VA Jamestowne 1621

Clements, Dr. Mace, VA Surgeon, 15th+ 11th VA Reg. 1777-1781

Cleveland, Dr. Parker, MA Surgeon, Sargent’s Reg. 1775

Coats, Dr. John, MA Surgeon

Cochrane, Dr. John, PA Hospital Dept, 1777-1783

Codman, Henry, NH Surgeon Nichol’s NH Militia Reg.

Coggswell, Dr. James, MA Surgeon, Silliman’s CT Reg. 1776-1777

Coggswell, Dr. William, NH Surgeon

Cole, Dr. Walter, VA Surgeon, Navy

Coleman, Dr. Asaph, CT Surgeon, Butler’s Reg. 1777, Bedden’s Reg. 1779

Coleman, Dr. Noah, CT Surgeon, 2nd CT Reg. 1777-1781

Conant, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, Clarke’s Expedition

Condict or Conditt, Dr. John, NJ Surgeon

Cook, Dr. James Surgeon, Navy

Cook, Dr. John, NH Tash’s Reg. NH Militia 1776

Cook, Dr. William, VA Surgeon, Navy

Cooke, Samuel Surgeon, NY, Surgeon, 5th NY Reg, Elmore’s CT Reg. 5th NY Reg. 1775-1781

Cooley, Dr. Samuel, NC Surgeon, 5th Reg. 1776-1778

Cornelius, Elias, NY Surgeon, 3rd Reg. Westchester Militia

Cowell, Dr. John, PA Hospital Surgeon

Crabb, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, Navy

Craik, Dr. James, VA   Hospital Dept, 1780-1783

Crampton, Dr. Bazil, PA Surgeon, 11th VA Reg. 1777-1778

Crance, Dr. Joseph, NY Surgeon, 3rd Reg. Dutchess County Militia

Crane, Dr. John, MA Surgeon, 1st & 6th MA Reg. 1777-1783

Crane, Dr. Joseph, NY Surgeon

Cregier, Dr. John, NY Surgeon

Crocker, Dr. John, Jr., CT Surgeon, Walcott’s CT Reg. 1776

Crocker, Dr. John, MA Surgeon, Scammon’s Reg. 1775 + Navy 1778-1779

Crosby, Dr. Ebenezer, CT Surgeon, CT State Troops, 1777-1781

Crosby, Dr. Samuel, MA 1775 + 21st CT Cont Reg. 1776

Cuerden, Dr. John, NY Surgeon, 12th Reg. Albany Militia

Culbertson, Dr. Samuel, VA Surgeon, 12th VA Reg. 1777-1778

Currie, Dr. William, PA Surgeon, Atlee’s Battalion, 1775-1776

Curtis, Dr. Benjamin, NY Surgeon 1st NY Reg. 1776

Curtiss, Dr. Samuel, NH Surgeon

Cushing, Dr. Lemuel, MA Surgeon, Thomas’s Reg +. 23rd Cont. Reg. 1775-1776

Cutter, A.R., MA Surgeon

Daling, Dr. Timothy Surgeon

Daly, Dr. James Surgeon

Dashiell, Dr. William, MD 3rd Reg. 1777-1780

Davidson, Dr. James, PA Surgeon, 3rd Reg. 1777-1780

Davis, Dr. John, PA Surgeon, Miles’ Battalion 1776

Davis, Dr. John, NC Surgeon

Davis or Davies,, Dr. Joseph, VA Surgeon, 7th VA Reg + 3rd VA Reg. 1778-1783

Day, Dr. Isaac, CT Surgeon

Dearborn, Dr. Levi, NH Surgeon, Drakes’ Reg. Militia

DeBenneville, Dr. Daniel, VA Surgeon, VA State Reg. 1777-1781

Delano, Dr. Calvin, NY Surgeon, Willett’s Reg.

Denwood, Dr. Levin, MD Surgeon, 3rd MD Reg. 1783

Dickenson, Dr. John, CT Examining Surgeon

Dickinson, Dr. Nathaniel, VT Surgeon

Dickson or Dixon or Nixon, Dr. Anthony, VA Surgeon

Dorsey, Dr. John, MD Surgeon

Douglas, Dr. John, PA Surgeon, Ewing’s Militia Reg. + 5th Reg., 1776-1778

Downer, Dr. Avery, CT Surgeon

Downer, Dr. Eliphalet, MA Surgeon, Lexington + 24th Cont. Reg. + Heath’s Reg, 1775-1776

Downey, Dr. Ezekiel, PA Surgeon, 6th PA Reg. 1780-1783

Draper, Dr. George, NJ Hosp. Physician & Surgeon, 1780-1783

Drown or Drowne, D. Solomon, RI Surgeon

Duff, Dr. Edward, VA Surgeon, 10th VA Reg +4th VA Reg. 1778-1779

Duff, Dr. Newport, DE Surgeon

Duffield, Dr. Benjamin Surgeon, Pest House

Duffield, Dr. John, MA Surgeon, Crane’s Artillery Reg. 1782

Duffield, Dr. Samuel, PA Senior Hosp. Physician & Surgeon

Dunham, Dr. Lewis, NJ Surgeon, 3rd NJ Reg. 1776-1778

Dunlap, Dr. James, PA Surgeon, Navy

Dunnell/Dwinell, Dr. Michael, MA

Dunsmore, Dr. William, MA Surgeon

Durant, Dr. Edward, MA Surgeon, Mansfield’s Reg. 1775

Dyer, Jared, RI Surgeon

Eager, Dr. George, NH Surgeon, Bedell’s NH Reg. 1777-1779

Eager, Dr. George, NY Surgeon

Eaker, Dr. Joseph, PA Hosp. Physician & Surgeon

Edminston, Dr. Samuel, PA Hosp. Surgeon

Edwards, Dr. Enoch, NJ Surgeon

Edwards, Dr. Joshua, PA Surgeon

Ehrenzeller, Dr. Jacob, PA Surgeon

Elliot, Dr. William, MA Surgeon, Militia 1780

Ellis, Dr. Benjamin, CT Surgeon

Elmer, Dr. Ebenezer, NY Surgeon, 2nd Battalion, 1778

Ely, Dr. Elisha, CT Surgeon, 19th CT Reg. 1776

Ely, Dr. John, CT Surgeon & Major

Emerson, Dr. Peter, NH Surgeon, NH Militia 1778-1780

Emerson, Dr. Samuel, MA Surgeon

Endicott, Dr. Samuel, NH Surgeon

Ervin, Dr. Daniel or David, NJ Surgeon, 1st Reg. 1777-1780

Eustis, Dr. William, MA Surgeon

Evans, Dr. George, VA Surgeon, 3rd Cont. Dragoons 1777

Ewing, Dr. Thomas, NJ Surgeon & Major

Fairbanks, Dr. George, MA Surgeon, 14th MA Reg. 1777-1778

Fallon, Dr. James Senior Hosp. Physician & Surgeon

Fanning, Dr. John, CT Surgeon

Fayssoux, Dr. Peter Chief Physician & Surgeon of Hosp. Southern Dept.

Fergus, Dr. James, NC Surgeon

Fenton, Dr. Joseph, PA Surgeon

Fergus, Dr. James, NC Surgeon

Ferguson, Dr. Samuel, SC Surgeon

Feron, J. Surgeon

Ferrand, John, NY Surgeon,2nd Reg. Orange County Militia

Finley, Dr. James, MA Surgeon, 15th MA Reg. + 5th MA Reg. + 4th MA Reg. 1778-1783

Finley, Dr. Samuel, MA Surgeon, Brooks; 7th Reg. 1781-1783

Fisher, Dr. Joshua, MA Surgeon, Navy

Fisk, Joseph, MA Surgeon, Vose’s Reg. 1777-1783

Fiske, Dr. Caleb, RI Surgeon

Flagg, Dr. Henry Collins, SC Surgeon 1st Reg. 1775; Apothecary Gen. S. Dept. 1779-1783

Flagg, Dr. Samuel, NH Surgeon, Gale’s Reg.

Folke, John, NY Surgeon, 3rd Reg. Tryon County Militia

Forgues, Dr. Francis, CT Surgeon, 7th,+ 10th + 19th CT Reg. + Surg. Gen. N. Dept. 1775-1777

Forman, Dr. William, NY Surgeon

Foster, Dr. Benjamin, MA Surgeon

Foster, Dr. Isaac, MA Hosp. Surgeon 1777; Dep. Dir. Gen. Hosp. Eastern Dpt. 1777-1780

Foushee, Dr. William, VA Surgeon

Frank, Dr. Adam, NY Surgeon of Militia

Freeman, Dr. Melanchthon, NJ Surgeon of Militia

Frink, Dr. Calvin, NH Surgeon, Wyman’s Militia 1777-1778

Frink, Dr. Thomas, NH Surgeon, Ashley’s Reg. 1777

Fuller, Dr. Jonathan, MA Surgeon, 14th MA Reg. 1777

Fullerton, Dr. Humphrey, VA Surgeon State Reg. 1777-1781

Fulton, Dr. James, PA Hospital Surgeon

Gale, Dr. Benjamin, CT   Examining Surgeon

Gale, Dr. Samuel, CT Surgeon

Galt, Dr. John Minson, VA Hospital Surgeon

Galt, Dr. Patrick, VA Surgeon 9th VA Reg. 1776-1777; died at Morristown

Gates, Dr. Laban, VT Surgeon, Militia

Garden, Dr. Alexander, SC Surgeon to prisoners

Gardiner, Dr. Richard, PA Surgeon

Gardner, Dr. Nathan, NH Surgeon, Cilley’s Reg. 1781-1783

Gay, Dr. Samuel, VA Surgeon, VA Continental Line

Geekle, James, NC Surgeon

Gibson, Dr. James Surgeon, Artillery

Gilbert, Dr. Ebenezer Surgeon, Ship “Revenge”

Gilder, Dr. Reuben, DE Surgeon

Gill, Dr. James Surgeon of Artillery

Gillett, Dr. Abraham, SC Surgeon

Ginnat, Dr. Post, VA Jamestowne 1608

Goss, Dr. Ebenezer Hardin, MA Surgeon

Gottlieb, Dr. Morris, PA Surgeon, Armand’s Legion, 1777-1780

Gould, Dr. David, VA Surgeon, VA Continental Line

Gould, Dr. William, VA Surgeon

Gould, Dr. William, VT Surgeon, Ira Allen’s Reg.

Green, Dr. Charles, VA Surgeon, Navy

Green, Dr. Ezra, NH Surgeon, Navy

Green, Dr. James, NC Physician & Surgeon

Green, Dr. Peter, NH Surgeon

Green, Dr. William, VA Surgeon, Navy

Greer, Dr. Charles, VA Surgeon, Continental Line

Gress, Dr. Ebenezer, NH Surgeon

Grier, Dr. Charles, VA Surgeon

Griffin, Dr. Corbin, VA State Surgeon

Griffith, Dr. David, VA Surgeon & Chaplains

Griffith, Dr. John, MD Surgeon, Hospital at Baltimore

Guest, Dr. James, PA Surgeon

Guilder, Dr. Reuben, DE Surgeon, Hall’s Reg. 1777-1780

Guion, Dr. Isaac, NC Surgeon, 1st Reg. 1776-1777

Hagan, Dr. Francis, NY Hospital Surgeon

Hall, Dr. Jacob, NH Surgeon, Scammel’s Reg. 1778-1780

Hall, Dr John, NH Surgeon, Cilley’s reg. 1777-1780

Hall, Dr. Joseph, MD Hall, Dr John, NH Surgeon

Hall, Dr. Lyman GA [signed Declaration of Independence]

Hall, Dr. Percival, MA Surgeon

Hall, Dr. Robert, NC Surgeon, 3rd Reg. 1776-1777

Hall, Dr. William, MD Surgeon

Halling, Dr. Solomon, PA Surgeon, Bethlehem Hospital

Halsey, Dr. Stephen, NY Surgeon

Hamilton, Dr. Patrick, NY Surgeon. Whitling’s Reg. Albany County Militia

Hamm, Dr. Valentine, VA Surgeon, Militia

Hammell, Dr. John, NJ Surgeon

Hampton, Dr. John, NJ Surgeon

Hand, Dr. Edward, PA Surgeon and General Continental Line

Hare, Dr. Oliver, SC Surgeon

Harris, Dr. Charles, NC Doctor

Harris, Dr. Isaac, NJ Surgeon

Harris, Dr. Jacob, NJ Surgeon, 3rd Reg. 1776-1783

Harris, Dr. Tucker, SC Surgeon, Militia

Harrison, Dr. Joseph, PA Hospital Surgeon at Bethlehem

Hart, Dr. John, MA Surgeon, 10th Reg. 1775-1783

Hart, Dr. Josiah, CT Surgeon

Hastings, Dr. Walter, MA Surgeon, Bridge’s Reg. 1775

Hathaway, Dr. Daniel, MA Surgeon, Militia 1776

Haviland, Dr. Ebenezer, NY Surgeon, 2nd Reg. 1775-1776

Hay, Dr. Joseph, VA Surgeon, Militia

Hayne, Dr. Ezekiel, MD Surgeon

Haynes, Dr. Pardon, MA Surgeon & Soldier

Hayward, Dr. Lemuel, MA Hospital Surgeon

Helder, Dr. Edmond, VA Jamestowne 1619

Hemsted, Dr. Joshua Surgeon; commanded Militia under Gen. Gates

Henry, Dr. James, PA Surgeon 5th Battalion, 1775-1776

Henry, Dr. Robert, NH Surgeon, Reed’s Reg. 1781-1783

Henry, Dr. Robert, NJ Hospital Surgeon 1779

Herrick, Dr. Martin, MA Surgeon

Hewins, Dr. Elijah, MA Surgeon, Militia 1779

Hewitt, Dr. Caleb, PA Surgeon

Hilton, Dr. Isaac, ME Surgeon

Hindman, Dr. John, MD Surgeon

Hinds, Dr. Nehemiah, MA Chief Surgeon

Hitchcock, Dr. Gad, MA Surgeon, Thomas’ Reg. 1775

Hitchcock, Dr. Zina, VT Surgeon, Militia

Hodge, Dr. Hugh, PA Surgeon, 3rd Battalion 1775-1776

Hodgkins, Dr. Francis, NH Surgeon, Waldron’s Reg. 1776

Holbrook, Dr. Amos, MA Surgeon

Holmes, Dr. David, CT Surgeon

Holmes, Dr. Daniel, CT Surgeon Chandler’s Reg. 1777-1779

Holmes, Dr. David, VA Surgeon,7th Reg. 1777-1783

Holmes, Dr. James, NJ Surgeon

Holmes, Dr. Silas, CT Surgeon

Holton, Dr. Samuel, MA Sugeon + Member Cont. Congress

Honeyman, Dr. Robert, VA Surgeon

Homans, Dr. John, MA Surgeon, Woodbridge’s & Sheldon’s 1775-1781

Hopkins, Dr. Roswell, NY Surgeon, Dutchess County Militia

Horton, Dr. Jonathan, NJ Hospital Surgeon

Hosmer, Dr. Timothy, CT Surgeon

House, Dr. William, VA Surgeon, Navy

Houston, Dr. James, SC Physician & Surgeon

Hovey, Dr. Ivory or Jerry, NH Surgeon, Scammel’s Reg. 1777

Howard, Dr. Lemuel, MA Hospital Surgeon at Roxbury

Howe, Dr. James, MA Surgeon, Long’s Reg.

Howe, Dr. Mark, NH Surgeon Scammel’s Reg. 1781-1783

Howell, Dr. Lewis, NJ Surgeon, 2nd Battalion 1779-1781

Hubbard, Dr. Jacob, NJ Surgeon

Hubbard, Dr. Leverett Examining Surgeon

Hugh, Walter, CT Surgeon

Hunter, Dr. George, VA Surgeon, Navy

Hurd, Dr. Isaac, MA Surgeon, Robinson’ Reg. 1777

Hurt, Dr. Joseph, MA Hospital Surgeon 1775; Reed’s Reg. 1778

Hutchinson, Dr. J., PA Surgeon, Navy

Ingram, Dr. J., NC Surgeon

Irvine, Dr. Matthew, VA Surgeon

Irvine, Dr. William, SC Surgeon

Jackson, Dr. David, PA Hospital Physician & Surgeon, 1780-1783

Jackson, Dr. Hall, NH Surgeon, Pierce’s Reg. 1776

Jacques, Dr. Launcelot Surgeon, Swift’s Reg. 1778-1779

Jamieson or Jamison, Dr. William, MA Surgeon

Jenifer, Dr. Daniel, MD Surgeon

Jenifer, Jr., Dr. Daniel, MD Surgeon

Jennings, Dr. Jacob, NJ Surgeon

Jennings, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, Navy

Jennings, Dr. Michael, PA Surgeon, Hartley’s Reg. 1777-1779

Jepson, Dr. William, CT   Surgeon, Spencer’s Reg. 1775

Jerauld, Dr. Gorton, RI Surgeon

Jeros, Dr. Daniel, CT Surgeon, Sheldon’s Reg. 1776

Jewell or Jewett, Dr. Gibbons, CT Surgeon, Sheldon’s Reg. 1776

Johnes, Dr. Timothy, NJ Surgeon

Johnson, Dr. Robert, NY Surgeon

Johnson, Dr. Robert, PA Surgeon, 6th Battalion 1776

Johnson, Dr. Robert, SC Hospital Surgeon

Johnson, Dr. Uzal, NJ Surgeon

Jones, David, PA Surgeon

Jones, Dr. John, NY Surgeon & Examiner

Jones, Dr. Junius, PA Surgeon, 4th PA Reg. 1778-1778

Jones, Dr. Timothy, NJ Surgeon

Jones, Dr. Walter, VA Surgeon

Joslyn, Dr. Joseph, RI Surgeon, Stanton’s Reg. 1777

Julian, Dr. John, VA Surgeon

Keenie or Keemle, Dr. John, PA Surgeon

Kennedy, Dr. Samuel, PA Surgeon 4th Battalion 1775-1776

Kilty, Dr. William, MD Surgeon, 4th & 5th Reg. 1777-1778

King, Dr. Jonathan, MA Surgeon, Shepherd’s Reg. 1777-1778

King, Dr. Miles, VA Surgeon, 1st Reg. 1777

Kingsbury, Dr. Andrew, CT Hospital Surgeon 1778-1781

Kingsbury, Dr. Asa, CT Surgeon

Kittredge, Thomas, MA Surgeon, Frey’s Reg. 1775

Knight, Dr. Isaac, CT Surgeon

Knight, Dr. Jonathan, CT Surgeon

Knight, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, 9th Reg. 1777-1781

Kuhn, Dr. Adam, PA Director General of Hospitals

Ladley, Dr. Andrew, PA Surgeon, 12th PA Reg.

Latimer, Dr. Henry, DE Surgeon

Latimer, Dr. John Surgeon

Leddie or Ledlie, Dr. Archer, PA Surgeon 12th Reg. 1777-1779

Lee, Dr. Samuel, CT Surgeon, Waterbury’s Reg. 1777-1778 + ship “Oliver Cromwell”

Leisner, Dr. William, PA Surgeon, Butt’s State Reg.

Lewis, Dr. Joseph, NH Surgeon Chase’s Reg. 1777

Lewis, Dr. Joseph, CT Surgeon

Lewis, Dr. Joseph, VT Surgeon. Militia, 1777

Lind or Linn, Dr. John Surgeon in Canada

Livingston, Dr. Justice or Justin, VA Surgeon, Navy

Lockman, Dr. Charles, MA Surgeon

Long, Dr. John, MA Surgeon

Longwith, Dr. Burgess, VA Surgeon, Navy

Lord or Loyd, Dr. Elisha, CT Examining Surgeon

Lord, Dr. John, MA Surgeon

Lord, Dr. Josiah Surgeon

Loring, Dr. George Bailey, MA Hospital Surgeon

Louveire, Dr. D. Surgeon, Ticonderoga 1777

Ludwig, Dr. Charles, PA Surgeon

Lumber, Dr. William, VA Surgeon, Navy

Lynd, John, Surgeon in Canada

Lynn, Dr. John, NY Surgeon

Macck, Dr. Jacob Surgeon on Lakes

Mackay, Dr. Andrew, MA Surgeon

Mackay, Dr. Robert, VA Surgeon

Magaw, Dr. William, PA Surgeon, Thompson’s Battalion 1775; 9th Reg. 1777

Malcolm, Dr. Henry, PA Surgeon, Navy

Manis, Dr. James, MD Surgeon

Mann, Dr. James, NY Surgeon

Mann, Dr. Oliver, PA Surgeon

Manning, Dr. John, MA Surgeon

Marshall, Dr. Thomas, MD Surgeon

Martin, Dr. Hugh, PA Surgeon

Martin, Dr. James, SC Surgeon

Martin, Dr. Joseph, NY Surgeon, Nicholson’s Reg. 1775-1776

Mason, Dr. Reuben, RI Surgeon

Mather, Dr. Timothy, RI or CT Surgeon

Maus, Dr. Matthew, PA Surgeon

McHenry, Dr. James, PA Hospital Dept

Mans, Dr. Matthew, PA Surgeon, Invalid Corps

Mather, Dr. Samuel, T Surgeon & Captain

McCalla, Dr. Thomas, PA Regimental Surgeon; Moylan’s Reg. 1780-1781

McCallimont, Dr. James, MD Surgeon, 2nd Reg. 1778-1780

McCarter, Dr. Charles, NJ Hospital Surgeon

McCarter or McCaster, Dr. Charles, PA or NJ Surgeon, 4th Reg. 1777-1780

McClure, Dr. David, MA Surgeon & Lieutenant

McCloskey, Dr. Samuel, PA Surgeon

McClure, Dr. William, NC Surgeon, 6th Reg. 1776-1777

McClurg, Dr. James, VA Surgeon, Navy

McClurg, Dr. Walter, VA Surgeon

McCaffrey or McCoffrey, Dr. Samuel, PA Surgeon

McCaskey, Dr. Samuel, PA Surgeon, Artificer’s Reg. 1778-1782

McCowell, D. PA Surgeon, Philadelphia Army Hospital

McCrea, Dr. Stephen, NY Surgeon, Sullivan’s Expedition

McDowell, Dr. John, PA Surgeon, 1st Reg. 1777-1778

McElyea or McElyen, Dr. John, NC Surgeon

McHenry or McKenry, Dr. James, PA Surgeon & Major

McHenry, Dr. Matthew, PA Surgeon, Navy, provision ship “Montgomery”

McKenzie, Dr. Samuel, PA Surgeon, 2nd Battalion 1775-1776

McKinley, Dr. John, DE Surgeon

McKnight, Dr. Charles, NY & NJ, Surgeon

McLean, Dr. William, NC Surgeon, 1779-1781

McNeil, Dr. David, SC Surgeon, 2nd Reg. 1775-1776

Mead, Dr. William, NY Surgeon, Navy

Meechen or McMeechen, Dr. William, VA Surgeon

Menema, Dr. Daniel, NY Surgeon

Mercer, Dr. Hugh, VA Surgeon & Brig. General

Merriam, Dr. Silas, MA Surgeon

Middleton, Dr. Barrett, VA Surgeon

Miller, Dr. Benjamin, NY Surgeon, Westchester County Militia

Miller, Dr. Edward, DE Hospital Surgeon

Miller, Dr. John, DE Surgeon; died 28 Feb. 1777

Monroe, Dr. George, DE Surgeon

Monroe, Dr. George, VA Surgeon, Continental Line

Montgomery, Dr. Samuel, RI Surgeon

Moore, Dr. Samuel Surgeon

Morgan, Dr. Abel, PA Surgeon & Lieutenant, 11th PA Reg. 1777-1778]

Morgan, Dr. John, PA Medical Director

Morgan, Dr. John, PA Gen. & Physician-in-Chief, Rev. War Hospital Dept.

Morris, Dr. James, MD Surgeon

Morris, Dr. Jonathan Ford, NJ Surgeon & Lieutenant

Morris, Dr. Lloyd, VA Surgeon, Navy

Morrow, Dr. David, MD Surgeon

Morrow, Dr. Samuel, MD Surgeon

Mortimer, Dr. Charles, VA Surgeon at Hospital, Fredericksburg

Morton, Dr. Hugh, VA Surgeon, 8th Reg. 1777

Motett, Dr. Lewis, SC Surgeon

Moultrie, Dr. John, SC Surgeon

Munroe, Dr. George, VA Surgeon, 5th Reg. 1781; State Artillery 1783

Munson, Dr. Aneas, CT Surgeon

Murdock, Dr. James, NJ Surgeon

Murray, Dr. Henry, VA Surgeon

Murrow, Dr. David, MD Surgeon

Nelson, Dr. John, MD Surgeon

Neufville or Neafville, Dr. William, SC Regimental Surgeon

Nicholson, Dr. Robert, VA Surgeon, State Artillery

Norton, Dr. William, VA Jamestowne 1619-1622

Noyes, Dr. John, CT Surgeon, Huntington’s Reg. 1779-1781

Nye, Dr. Samuel, MA Surgeon, Navy

Obrey, Frederick, NH Surgeon, Child’s Battalion, 1777

Olcott, Dr. George, CT Surgeon

Oldenbrook, Dr. Daniel, PA Surgeon

Oliphant, Dr. David, SC Surgeon & Med. Dir. Southern Division

Oliver, Dr. Nathaniel, PA Surgeon

O’Neal, Dr. Francis, PA Surgeon, 10th PA Reg. 1777-1779

Osborn, Dr. Cornelius, NY Surgeon

Osborn, Dr. Peter, NY Surgeon, Graham’s Reg., The Levies

Otto, Dr. Bodo or Bode, PA Surgeon

Otto, Dr. Frederick, NJ Hospital Surgeon

Pap, Dr. William, VT Surgeon

Paris, Dr. Peter, PA Surgeon

Parker or Parke, Dr. Daniel, MA Surgeon, Walker’s Reg. 1775-1776

Parker, Dr. William NH Surgeon, Navy

Parker, Jr. Dr. William, NH Surgeon

Parran, Dr. Thomas, MD Surgeon, 6th Reg. 1777

Parley, Dr. Abraham, MA Surgeon

Parnell, Dr. Thomas, VA Surgeon

Parton, Dr. William, NC Surgeon

Pasteur or Pasture, Dr. William, NC Surgeon

Pate, Dr. James, DE Surgeon, Flying Camp 1776

Patterson, Dr. Robert, PA Surgeon

Pawlett, Dr. Robert, VA Jamestowne 1619

Payos, Dr. John, Surgeon; captured at Camden

Peabody, Dr. Nathaniel, MA Surgeon & General

Peabody, Dr. Thomas, NH Surgeon, Evans’ Reg. + Gillman’s Reg., Militia

Peason, Dr. David, NJ Surgeon, Militia

Peck or Peak, Dr. Charles, NY Surgeon

Pelham, Dr. William, VA Surgeon, Continental Line, 3 years

Pell, Dr. Ithurial, NH or NY Surgeon

Pell, Dr. Joseph, VA Surgeon, Navy

Pell, Dr. Saler or Salna, CT Surgeon, Bradley’s Battalion 1776

Peres, Dr. Peter, PA Surgeon, German Reg. 1776-1781

Perkins, Elisha, CT Surgeon

Perry, Dr. Benjamin, PA Surgeon, 2nd PA Reg. 1777-1780

Perry, Dr. Benjamin, SC Regimental Surgeon

Perry, Dr. John, MD Surgeon

Perry, Dr. Joshua, RI Surgeon]

Petrie, Dr. William, NY Surgeon, Continental Line

Peyton, Dr. Valentine, VA Surgeon

Pindall or Pindell, Dr. Richard, MD Surgeon

Pine, Dr. John, MD Surgeon

Pitcher, Dr. John, MA Surgeon

Pitt, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, Navy

Poll, Dr. John Simon, VA Surgeon

Pope, Dr. Matthew, VA State Line 1776-1783

Porter, Dr. Samuel, VT Surgeon, Militia

Pott or Potts, Dr. John. VA Jamestowne 1622

Potter, Dr. Jared, CT Surgeon, Wooster’s Reg. 1775, Douglas’ Reg. 1776

Potter, Dr. William, NC Surgeon, 2nd Reg. 1776

Potter, Dr. Zabdiel, MD Surgeon

Potts, Dr. Jonathan, PA Hospital Dept, 1777-1779

Pratt, Dr. Shuball, VA Surgeon

Prealean, P.S., SC Surgeon

Prescott, Dr. James, SC Surgeon

Prescott, Dr. Jonas, NH Surgeon, Hall’s Reg. 1778-1780

Prescott, Dr. Oliver, MA Surgeon

Prindell, Dr. John, MD Surgeon, 1st Reg. 1781-1783

Prindle, Dr. Richard, MD Surgeon

Putnam, Dr. Benjamin, CT Surgeon, Bradley’s Reg. 1777-1778

Quinlan, Dr. James, VA Surgeon

Quinlan, Dr. Joseph, VA Surgeon, Continental Line

Ragur, Dr. John, PA Surgeon Ramsay, Dr. John, PA Surgeon

Ramsay, Dr. Joseph, SC Surgeon

Ramsay, Dr. Stephen, CT Surgeon, 177-1780

Ramsey, Dr. David, SC Surgeon

Ramsey, Dr. John, VA Surgeon

Rand, Dr. Isaac, MA Surgeon

Ray, Dr. Andrew or Andre, VA Surgeon, 9th State Reg.

Read, Dr. William, SC Hospital Physician & Surgeon

Readman or Redman, Jr., Dr. Joseph, PA Surgeon

Reed, Dr. Ezra, NH  Surgeon, Reid’s Reg. 1775

Reed, Dr. Thomas, NJ Surgeon, Livingston’s Reg. 1776

Reed, Dr. William, SC Hospital Physician, 1780

Reid, Dr. Thomas, NY Surgeon, NY Line

Reiger, Dr. Henry, MD Surgeon

Reynolds, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, Navy

Richards, Dr. Samuel Surgeon, Navy

Richardson, Dr. Abijah, MA Surgeon, Continental Line

Rickman, Dr. William, VA Chief Physician, Hospital Dept. in VA

Ridgely, Dr. Frederick, MD Surgeon

Ricker, Dr. John Berrion, N Surgeon, 4th Battalion 1776-1780

Richmond, Dr. John, MA Surgeon, Navy, brig “Reprisal”

Roback, Dr. Jacob, VT Surgeon

Roberts, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, Continental Line 1780

Roche or Roach, Dr. Nicholas, NJ Surgeon

Roe, Dr. William, VA Surgeon, Navy

Rogers, Dr. Alexander, SC Surgeon, 3rd Reg. 1775-1776

Rogers, Dr. John, PA Surgeon, 1st PA Reg.

Rogers, Dr. Nathaniel, NH Surgeon, Navy

Root, Dr. Israel, CT Apothecary General,, Northern Dept. 1779-1783

Rose, Dr. Hugh, SC Surgeon

Rose, Dr. John, PA Surgeon, 7th Reg. 1777-1780

Rose, Dr. Robert, VA Surgeon, 1st Cont. Dragoons, 1777

Ross or Rose, Dr. Alexander, NJ Surgeon

Ross, Dr. John, CT Surgeon, Meigs’ Reg. 1783

Rowsley, Dr. William, VA Jamestowne for a short time

Ruback, Dr. Jacob, VT Fletchers Reg. 1781

Rumney, Sr., Dr. William, VA Hospital Surgeon

Rush, Dr. Benjamin, PA  Hospital Dept

Rush, Dr. Richard, PA Examining Surgeon

Russell, Dr. Thomas, CT Surgeon, Swift’s Reg.

Russell, Dr. Walter, VA Jamestowne

Russell, Dr. William, PA Surgeon, Navy

Rydman, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, Navy

Sackett, Dr. Samuel Surgeon

Sands, Dr. Edward, NY Surgeon, Artillery Train 1777

Saple, Dr. John, MA Surgeon]

Sappington, Dr. Richard, MD Surgeon, German Reg. 1781-1783

Scheneck or Schenck, Dr. Henry, NY or NJ Surgeon

Schulyer, Dr. Nicholas, NY Surgeon

Scott, Dr. Daniel, MA Surgeon

Scott, Dr. Moses, NJ Hospital Surgeon

Scudder, Dr. Nathaniel, NJ Surgeon

Scull, Dr. Nicholas Surgeon

Seigle, Dr. Frederick, VA Surgeon, Continental Line

Seigle, Dr. Samuel, CT Surgeon

Selden or Seldon, Dr. Samuel, CT Surgeon

Seldon or Selden, Dr. Wilson Cary, VA Surgeon, Militia

Senter, Dr. Isaac, RI or NH Surgeon, Arnold’s Expedition

Sergeant, Dr. Erastus, MA Surgeon & Major

Sharp, Dr. James, GA Surgeon

Sharpless, Dr. John, VA State Navy

Sheldon, Dr. David, Surgeon

Shephard, Dr. Samuel, MA Surgeon

Shippen, Dr. William, PA Hospital Dept

Shute, Dr. Daniel, MA Surgeon, Jackson’s Reg. to 1783

Sill, Dr. Elisha, CT Examining Surgeon

Sillsby, Dr. ___, MA Surgeon

Simpson, Dr. John, CT Surgeon, Bradley’s Reg. 1778-1781

Skinner, Dr. Alexander, VA Surgeon, Henry Lee’s Legion

Skinner, Dr. Elisha, ME Surgeon, Marshall’s Reg. to 1780

Skinner, Dr. Thomas, CT Surgeon, Chandler’s Reg. 1779-1781

Slaughter, Dr. Augustine, VA Surgeon, Continental Line

Smedes, Dr. John, NY Surgeon, Rawlings’ Reg.

Smith, Dr. Nathan, VT Surgeon, VT Militia

Smith, Dr. Reuben, CT Examining Surgeon

Smith, Dr. Samuel Surgeon, Navy

Smith, Dr. Walter, MD Surgeon

Smith, Dr. William, PA Hospital Surgeon

Snead, Dr. Robert, VA Navy

Sparham, Dr. ___ NY  Surgeon

Spaulding or Spalding, Dr. John, CT Surgeon, 4th Reg. 1775-1776

Spencer, Dr. Joseph, VA, Surgeon

Spoffard, Dr. Isaac, MA Surgeon, Nixon’s Reg. 1775

Spooner, Dr. William Surgeon, Navy

Standly, Dr. Valentine, PA Surgeon, PA Navy

Stevens, Dr. Phineas, NY Vaccine Surgeon

Stewart, Dr. Alexander, PA Surgeon, 3rd + 1oth PA Reg. 1779-1783

Stewart, Dr. James, PA Surgeon

Stillwell, Dr. William, NJ

Stockton, Dr. Benjamin, NY Surgeon

Stockton, Dr. Ebenezer, NH Surgeon, Reid’s Reg.

Storrs, Dr. Justus, CT Surgeon

Story, Dr. Elisha, MA Surgeon

Stringer, Dr. Samuel, NY Medical Director, Northern Dept. 1775-1777

Strong, Dr. Elisha, MA Surgeon, 12th MA Reg.

Sunn, Dr. Frederick, SC Regimental Surgeon

Sutton, Dr. Edward, CT Surgeon

Sweet, Dr. Caleb, NY Surgeon, 4th Reg. 1775-1776

Swett, Dr. J.B., MA Surgeon

Swoop or Swope, Dr. Joseph, VA Surgeon, Navy

Tabbs, Dr. Barton, MD Surgeon, 7th MD Reg. 1778

Tappan, Dr. Petrus (Peter), NY Surgeon, 3rd Reg. 1775-1776

Tate, Dr. James, PA Surgeon, 3rd PA Reg. 1777-1778

Taylor, Dr. Charles, VA Surgeon, Continental Line

Taylor, Dr. David, NH Surgeon, Reed’s Reg. 1776

Taylor, Dr. John, MA Surgeon

Tenney, Dr. Samuel, RI, Surgeon, Olney’s Reg.

Tetard or Tettard, Dr. Benjamin, GA Surgeon

Texier, Dr. Felix, France Surgeon

Thatcher, Dr. James, MA Surgeon through 1783

Thaxter, Dr. Gridley, MA Surgeon

Thomas, Dr. Ezekiel, NY Surgeon, 7th Albany County Militia

Thomas, Dr. John, MA  Hospital Dept

Thomas, Dr. William, MA Surgeon, Cotton’s Reg. 1775

Thompson, Dr. John, NY Surgeon, 10th Reg. Albany County Militia

Thompson, Dr. Thaddeus, MA Surgeon, Nixon’s Reg. 1779

Thornton, Matthew, NH [signed Declaration of Independence]

Tillotson, Dr. Thomas, NY Physician & Surgeon Gen., Northern dept. 1777-1778

Tillotson, Dr. William, VA Surgeon

Tilton, Dr. James, NJ-DE  Physician & Surgeon, Revolutionary War Hospital Dept

Toby, Dr. Barton, MD Surgeon, 7th Reg. 1777-1779

Todd, Dr. Andrew, PA Surgeon, ship “Greene”

Todd, Dr. Jonathan, CT Swift’s Reg. 1777-1778

Toomer, Dr. Anthony, SC Surgeon

Tootle, Dr. Richard, MD Surgeon & Major

Townsend, Dr. David, MA Regimental Surgeon 1775-1777; Sr. Hosp. Surg. 1777-1783

Townsend, Dr. Platt, CT Examining Surgeon

Townsend, Dr. Richard, VA Jamestowne 1622

Tracey, Dr. Elisha, CT Examining Surgeon]

Treat, Dr. Malachi, NY Hospital Surgeon

Trezvant or Treasrant, Dr. John, VA Surgeon, 2nd Reg. 1778

Trouen, M., France, Surgeon

Tucker, Dr. Thomas, SC Hospital Physician & Surgeon

Tudor, Dr. ___, CT Surgeon

Tufts, Dr. Cotton or Colton, MA Surgeon

Tunnison or Tunison, Dr. Garrett, VA Surgeon, Lamb’s (2nd Reg.) Cont. Artillery

Turnbull, Dr. Andrew, SC Surgeon

Turner, Dr. Peter, RI Surgeon Sproat’s Reg.

Turner, Dr. Philip, CT Surgeon General, Eastern Dept. 1777-1781

Usher, Dr. Robert, CT Surgeon

Vach or Vacher, Dr. Johan (John), NY Surgeon, 2nd Reg. Tryon County Militia

Van Boskirk, Dr. Abraham, NJ Surgeon

Van der Lynn or Tyne, Dr. Peter, NY Surgeon, Weisenfel’s Reg., The Levies

Van Ingen, Dr. Dirk, PA Hospital Surgeon

Vaughan, Dr. Claiborne, VA Surgeon, Continental Line

Vickers, Dr. Joseph, SC Hospital Physician

Vickers, Dr. Samuel, NJ Surgeon, 1777

Vickers, Dr. Samuel, SC Surgeon

Vidian, Dr. Samuel, SC Hospital Surgeon

Vinal, Dr.William, MA Surgeon, Gardner’s Reg.

Walcott, Dr. Alexander, CT Examining Surgeon

Walcott, Dr. Christopher, CT Surgeon

Waldo, Dr. Albigence, CT Surgeon

Waldo, Dr. John, CT Surgeon, Huntington’s Reg. 1776

Wallace, Dr. James, VA Surgeon

Wallace, Dr. John, SC Surgeon

Wallace, Dr. Michael, VA Surgeon, 1st MD Reg. 1776-1777

Ward, Dr. John, CT Surgeon, Waterbury’s Reg. 1775-1776

Warfield, Dr. Charles, MD Surgeon

Warfield, Dr. Walter, MD Surgeon, 6th & 2nd Reg. 1779-1783

Warren, Dr. John, MA Hospital Surgeon 1776-1783 & General

Warren, Dr. Joseph, MA   Hospital Dept

Warren, Dr. Peletian, MA Surgeon

Washburn, Dr. Azel, CT or NH Surgeon, Warner’s VT Reg. 1777-1781

Waterman, Dr. Luther, CT Surgeon, Webb’s Reg. 1777-1781

Waterman, Dr. Zuriel, NH Surgeon, Senter’s Militia Reg. 1775-1776

Watson, Dr. Abraham, MA Surgeon, Gardner’s Reg. 1775

Watson, Dr. Samuel, RI Surgeon

Watts, Dr. Edward, MA Surgeon

Weatherspoon, Dr. J. SC Surgeon

Weaver, Dr. ___ PA Surgeon, Militia

Webb, Dr. Jeremiah, CT Surgeon, Webb’s Reg. 1778-1781

Welch, Dr. Thomas, MA Surgeon

West, Dr. Jeremiah, CT Surgeon, Webb’s Reg. 1778-1783

Wharton, Dr. Levi, RI Surgeon

Wheeler, Dr. Charles, VA Surgeon

Wheeler, Dr. Lemuel, CT Surgeon, Hinman’s Reg. 1775

Wheeler, Dr. William, NY Surgeon

Wheelock, Dr. John, NY Surgeon

Whipple, Dr. Daniel Peck, RI Asst. Dir. of Hospitals, 1777

White, Dr. Ebenezer, NY Surgeon, Westchester County Militia

White, Dr. Henry, NY Surgeon

White, Dr. John, GA Surgeon & Colonel

Whiting, Dr. William, MA Surgeon

Whitwell or Whitewell, Dr. Samuel, MA Surgeon

Wigglesworth, Dr. Samuel, NH Surgeon, Wingate’s Militia Reg. 1776

Wigneron, Dr. John, RI, Surgeon, Tallman’s Reg. 1777

Wigneron, Dr. Stephen, RI Surgeon

Wild, Dr. Jonathan, MA Surgeon, Navy

Wilkinson, Dr. James, MD Surgeon & General

Wilkinson, Dr. John, MA Surgeon

Wilkinson, Dr. John, RI Surgeon

Wilkinson, Dr. Will, VA Jamestowne 1607

Willard, Dr. Elias, NH Surgeon

Willard, Dr. Levi, MA Surgeon, Reed’s Reg.

Williams, Dr. Bedford, PA Surgeon

Williams, Dr. John, NY Surgeon, Charlotte County Militia

Williams, Dr. Obadiah, NH Surgeon, Starks’ Reg. 1775

Williams, Dr. Robert, NC Surgeon

Williamson, Dr. Hugh, NC Surgeon

Wilmot, Dr. Aquila, PA Hospital Surgeon; died at Bethlehem, PA 1777

Wilson, Lewis, NJ Hospital Surgeon

Wilson, Dr. Robert, NC Surgeon

Wilson, Dr. Samuel, VA Surgeon. 6th VA Reg.

Wimple or Whimple, W.V., NY Hospital Surgeon, Canada

Winans, Dr. William, NJ Surgeon

Wingate, Dr. John, MA or ME Surgeon

Wingate, Dr. Joshua Surgeon

Wisenthal, Dr. Charles, MD Surgeon

Winship, Dr. Amos Surgeon on ship “Alliance”

Witherspoon, Dr. John, NJ Hospital Surgeon

Witherspoon, Dr. John, SC Hospital Surgeon

Wood, Dr. John, CT Surgeon

Woodruff, Dr. Humloke or Hemlock, NY Surgeon, 3rd Reg. 1775-1776

Woodruff, Dr. Samuel, NY Surgeon

Worthington, Dr. Charles, MD.

Wotton, Dr. Thomas, VA Jamestowne 1607

Wrigglesworth, Dr. Samuel, NH Surgeon

Wright, Dr. Abijah, NH Surgeon, Webster’s Reg. 1777

Wright, Dr. Elihu, MA Surgeon

Wright, Dr. Philemon, NH Surgeon

York, Dr. Robertson Surgeon on privateer

Young, Dr. James, PA Surgeon

Young, Dr. John, MA Surgeon

Young, Dr. John, RI Surgeon, Army & Navy

Young, Dr. John, NH Surgeon, Nichols’ + Senter’s Reg. Militia

Young, Dr. Joseph, NY Senior Hospital Physician & Surgeon

Young, Dr. Thomas, PA Surgeon

Younglove, Dr. David, NY Surgeon, 1st Reg. Tryon County Militia

Younglove, Dr. Moses, NY Surgeon