Order of Descendants Colonials Physicians and Chirugeons



President General – Jane Routt Power

Vice President General – Mary W. Feist

Chaplain General – Davine Roberts

Recording Secretary General – Marjo Dill

Corresponding Secretary General – Gayle M Coan

Treasurer General – Kathleen L. Deegan

Registrar/Genealogist General – David L. Grinnell

Historian General – Melissa Fischer

Chirurgien General – John M. Pogue, MD

Chancellor General – Duane L. C. M. Galles, Esq.

Director General – John M. Pogue, MD

Director General – Reverend Dr. Albert C. Walling, II


Honorary Membership Committee:

  • John M. Pogue, MD – Chairman
  • George J. Hill, MD
  • Christie Ann Noble