Order of Descendants Colonials Physicians and Chirugeons

Membership Inquiries

Please contact the Registrar General, David L. Grinnell for more information: dvytca@gmail.com

There shall be two classifications of Life Membership: namely, Hereditary Membership and Honorary Membership.

Upon the recommendation of the Honorary Membership Committee, by a two-thirds favorable vote of the Order, taken by ballot, a physician of high regard may be elected an Honorary Member, without the right to vote and without the payment of any fees.

Any lineal descendant of a Physician, Chirurgien, Apothocary or Midwife who practiced their profession on the North American continent during the Colonial period from 1607 to 1783 shall be considered eligible for membership in this Order. The burden of proof shall be carried by the applicant for reputable references which shall be submitted for each generation in descent from the claimed ancestor to the applicant, inclusive.